Madeenathul Uloom Arabic College was established in 1946 by Kerala Jam iyyathul Ulama (The first organization of Muslim Scholars in Kerala.) The College is the culmination of the relentless efforts of reformist Muslim scholars of the early 20th Century. MCC Abdu Rahman Moulavi, great educationist and scholar in Islamic disciplines and Arabic language was the pioneer among them.Under British rule, utter penury and ignorance prevailed in Malabar. As the people of Malabar were in the forefront of the freedom struggle, the region was discriminated against by the authorities. Access to higher education was only a distant dream even for the affluent. Further they were in the clutches of conservative religious scholars who discouraged people, especially women from pursuing modern education. Even access to religious education was limited and the residential education centers, usually mosques followed the gurukulam model of education.

Though the religious texts were mostly in Arabic, the potential of Arabic as a modern international language was never explored.It was in this context that reformist leaders and social renaissance movements thought about the need to uplift the people from the mire of socio, political, economic and educational backwardness. They found that education is the best tool for social change. Efforts to establish higher education institutions were triggered across the erstwhile Malabar district. As part of this enlightenment a few visionary leaders from the Muslim community conceived the idea of starting a college at pulikkal to impart education and training in Arabic and related oriental studies.The college began functioning in a small rented building at Pulikkal town. MCC Abdu Rahman Moulavi was the founder principal. He burned much midnight’s oil with his selfless fellow scholars to make the college a reality. The ultimate goal envisioned was to empower the socially and educationally backward people hailing from the region, predominantly from the Muslim minority, with modern education and training.

This institution has succeeded in achieving the objectives envisaged by K.J.U when it was founded. Thousands of students have graduated from this college. The graduates from the college are placed in responsible and prestigious position home and abroad. They also play a pivotal role in the society in the educational, cultural, social and religious scenario. Being erudite scholars in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, the Afsal ul ulama graduates are committed to propagate the true values of Islam among the Muslims as well as non-Muslim community. The principles of secularism and national integration are imbibed by the students as part of their curriculum and they are committed to spread those values in the society in general and the minority community in particular.