Principal is the head of the institution and hence the first responsible person of the college. As the academic leader, he/she has to oversee that the institution runs properly in accordance with its vision and mission. He/she is a source of inspiration to the teaching and nonteaching staff as well as to the students of the college. He/she should be an epitome of professionalism, dedication and honesty. He is a knowledgeable person in education and service rules and also in the university statutes.

Role and Responsibilities.

  • Conceive and implement new ideas and plans democratically in accordance with the vision and mission of the college.
  • Promote institutional interaction and inculcate research development activities.
  • Listen to students’ ideas and set a supportive tone.
  • Ensure that the staff and students are aware of rules, policies and procedures laid down by the college.
  • Be fair in disciplinary actions for all the members of faculty, non teaching staff and students.
  • Recommend and forward communications to the authorities concerned.
  • Monitor, manage and educate the administration of the institution and take remedial actions based on the stakeholder’s feedback.
  • Execute any other qualitative and quantitative work for the welfare of the students and institution.
  • Empower all his staff and students to reach their maximum potential.
  • Lead the strategic development of the college.
  • Manage the College budget.
  • Work with academic units to represent the College to external stakeholders.
  • Lead initiatives, in collaboration with academic units, to attain national and international visibility/recognition for the College.
  • Lead initiatives across constituent academic units to enhance the experience of staff, students and alumni.
  • Work with the Heads of other Colleges to develop inter-College initiatives in research and teaching
  • Diversify the income stream of the college apart from traditional sources.
  • Support the enhancement of research and research centres and institutes within the College and across Colleges.

Role of a Principal as per Statutes, University of Calicut

In every college, the Principal shall be the head of the college and shall be responsible for the internal management and administration of the college. In the absence of the Principal, the senior -most Professors or in his absence the senior – most Lecturer of the College shall be in charge of the duties of the Principal. No person shall be appointed as Principal who does not possess the qualification and experience prescribed by the Regulations.

Research Responsibilities

The research responsibilities of the Head of College will include:

  1. Coordinating the development and implementation of a research strategy for the College and ensuring that this is consistent with the University research strategy.
  2. Implementing University policy on research and innovation.

Responsibilities in the Areas of Teaching and Learning

  • Liaise closely with relevant senior University officers in developing College academic and teaching-learning strategy in keeping with the overall University strategy.
  • Stimulate an on-going process of enhancement of the quality and standards of all teaching and learning activities.
  • Ensure the provision of management and support for all academic programmes within the remit of the College
  • Promote best practice in the delivery of courses.
  • Encourage the development of strategic initiatives in teaching and learning and widening participation.

Planning and Administration Responsibilities

Working with the College Manager, the responsibilities of the Head of the College in the area will include:

  • Leading the establishment, updating and delivery of the College Strategic Plan, in line with the University Strategic Plan.
  • In collaboration with the relevant University Officers, putting in place College level administrative supports and committees compatible with University structures and policies, to allow the College to function effectively by providing adequate support to the academic and research units.
  • Promoting the development of internal structures within the College that allow for the evolution and development of the College and its various academic disciplines.
  • Compatible with University policies, developing and implementing a College strategy to recruit and retain the best academic, research, technical and administrative staff.
  • Working with the Heads of academic and research units to ensure that effective management structures are in place for each unit.

Student Related Responsibilities

  • Contributing to the development of national and international student recruitment initiatives to attract the highest quality students.
  • Working within the University-wide structures to establish, manage and enhance academic, welfare and personal support for students.
  • Putting in place programs to facilitate and encourage the international mobility of students both outward and inward.
  • Implementation of University policy on equality and widening participation at the college level.
  • Helping to ensure the quality of the overall student experience within the College.

Staff Management and Development

  • Orientation and guidance to staff in the understanding of their role and contribution to the College and the University.
  • Effective planning and development review, including the management of staff performance and performance reviews.
  • Support for the professional development of all staff in the College.
  • Implementation of the University’s Performance Management Policy.
  • Management of other human resource functions with the support and in consultation with the Human Resources Department – including but not limited to – recruitment, selection, induction, probation, administration, performance management and grievances.