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Madeenathul Uloom Arabic College was established in 1946 by Kerala Jam iyyathul Ulama (The first organization of Muslim Scholars in Kerala. Registered to The Muslim World League Makkah. Reg No: 1- (421/45)9920) . The College is the culmination of the pioneering efforts of M.C.C.Abdul Rahman Moulavi, the social reformer of 20th Century. His ultimate goal was to lead Muslim community from the darkness of ignorance into the sunlit path of knowledge.

This institution has succeeded in achieving the objectives envisaged by K.J.U when it was established. Thousands of students have graduated with Afzal ul Ulama degree certificatefrom this college.The scholars who have completed Afzal ul Ulama Degree Course from this institution are known by the title “madani”. The madanees play a pivotal role in Indian Muslim society in the religious, educational, cultural and social scenario. Being erudite scholars in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, they are committed to propagate the true message of Islam among the Muslim as well as non Muslim community.

The college was originally affiliated to the University of Madrass and came under the recognition of Kerala University in 1957, and now it has been working under the University of Calicut since 1968. M.U.A. College is a full-fledged Post graduate college offering M.A. Post Afzalul Ulama and B.A Afzalul Ulama courses. Students are provided opportunities of co- curricular and extra curricular activities for their mental and physical development.




To dispel ignorance of all kind and to mould an enlightened and educated generation committed to high spiritual and moral values. We endeavor to create a generation with exemplary leadership qualities to dedicate themselves in the venture to reform and uplift the community.







To impart quality education and training to enable students to attain mastery in both Arabic and English languages who can read and interpret Holy Quran, Hadith and other Islamic literature.To give orientation and practical training in communication skills and oratory and foster patriotic feelings in students so that they develop a respect to our constitution, legislature, executive and judiciary. Impart computer education in order to enhance knowledge and information and to assist in academic tasks.



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